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Edgebrook Invitational Two Man Match Play Event

Rules Sheet and Scoring

The “Two Man Team Match Play” event is a tournament in which two teams play match play (best ball net, aka Four Ball Match Play), head-to-head during each round. Each player hits his own golf ball throughout the round from tee to green. On each hole, the low ball of the two players serves as that side's score.

Example: on the first hole for Team A, Player 1 scores a 4 and Player 2 scores a 5, so the team score is 4. If Team A gets a 4 while Team B scores 5, then Team A wins the hole. The match is won by the team that is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played. (e.g. 4 up with 3 holes to play – known as winning 4 &3).

Use of handicaps:

We will be using handicaps for this event. If you do not have a CDGA official handicap, then you need to use TheGrint (minimum 5 rounds before play). TheGrint app gives you a Handicap index. Go to the following link and input your Handicap index and the slope of the course you’re playing to determine the amount of strokes you get for the round. A max handicap of 25 will be used for this tournament.

The Course Handicap of all four players is reduced by the Course Handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch. Each of the three other players is allowed 100 percent of the difference. 

Example: Players A, B, C, and D have a Course Handicap of 5, 10, 15 and 20, respectively. Player A plays at scratch, B receives 5 strokes, C receives 10 strokes, and D receives 15 strokes. 

On every course scorecard, you will see a line called 'HDCP' and rates the difficulty of each hole (1 being the hardest, 18 the easiest). If two players have course handicaps 10 and 22 play a match, then the less skillful player will receive 12 strokes - one on each of the twelve hardest holes. If the difference between players is 20 strokes, the less skillful player would receive 2 strokes on the holes with handicap 1 and 2, and 1 stroke on remaining 16 holes.

If the match is even after 18 holes, players must continue, starting at hole #1 or #18 whichever is open, and play until a winner is decided. Per-hole handicap strokes remain the same for playoff holes. 

If the course does not allow you to play or the course is too busy. Then all four players get one putt from the furthest point on the green of #18. Closest putt to the pin wins the match. (I hope it doesn’t come to this!) In the Championship the team in the winners bracket will start up a half hole to begin the round. In turn no tiebreaker will be necessary.

All disputes will be resolved by:

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